ADMEP Test Data Replicator

Synchronize SAP Data
in your non production systems.

ADMEP TDR allow you  rapidly create new non-production systems, reduce the footprint when refreshing clients, copy selected data on-demand, and scramble data for security. This guarantees that your SAP users always enjoy access to up-to-date, relevant data for Production support, testing, and training – you get the data you need when you need it.
Empty System Build

Make a complete copy of all repository objects and client independent data.

Client Refresh

Copy a subset of a client based on time or enterprise slice, with the amount of data reduced to suit your requirements, thus creating leaner clients.

Object Transfer

Copy SAP data objects on demand. With up-to-date data, your testing, training and production support are accelerated.

Data Compliance

ADMEP Data Compliance scramble data within a client, before or after the copy. Choose from a set of delivered and customisable scrambling rules to ensure data security.

Protect your sensitive information
with powerful data scrambling.

Eliminate Data Security Risk

Eliminate risk of exposing sensitive data in non-production environments, both on premises and in the cloud.

Built in Scrambling rules

Off-the-shelf scrambling built-in or you can set your rules

Scrambling Options

Scramble data as part of the copy, i.e. one-step process or in-place after the copy.

Data Security Complies

Complies with data protection standards, e.g. Sarbanes Oxley, BDSL and the GDPR.

Faster, Easier SAP S/4HANA
Migrations Using Test Data Management

Intensive testing will be required to make sure that business processes keep working as expected after any move to S/4HANA, or other system change. Effective testing is not possible without proper test data. Test Data Management can save a lot of money and time and will help you to protect your sensitive information.

ADMEP TDM Solution helping enterprises quickly and easily select, protect and load modest subsets of production data into pilot SAP HANA systems for proof of concepts or evaluation.

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We have the know how and experience; with our technology we can deliver your project and adapt it to your timelines.

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Our solution is used globally and specifically designed for data carve-out, to provide quality and security for your company.

With our solution, it can be rapidly deployed to kick start your project.

Drive better business through data

If you want to succeed in the digital game, your core business data must be right and available everywhere it’s needed, fast

Mergers Acquisitions and Divestitures with
Near Zero Downtime

Divestment timeframes are becoming ever-shorter as deal teams drive ever more challenging time to value deadlines. ADMEP has unrivalled expertise in helping organisations on both sides of the deal to shorten Transition Service Agreement timeframes, minimise operational disruption and manage the SAP transition end-to-end.

ADMEP allows you to set up the new target system with the repository and customizing from the source system. With Test Data  Optimizer you controls your data migration (company code, sales organization, purchase organization, plant, warehouse) and executes it according to predefined rules. Data is copied from the source environment precisely and consistently and transferred to the new target system. The near-zero downtime method allows for ongoing operations to continue almost without interruption. After the migration, automated tests and checks of data consistency are performed – simplifying and accelerating test cycles.

ADMEP combines SAP’s role-based access controls with an attribute-based access control solution that delivers an ABAC + RBAC hybrid approach. This approach enables granular control and visibility that delivers a wide range of business benefits and lets you deploy data-centric security policies that leverage the context of access in order to reduce risk. Residing natively in the SAP App Server, the solution requires no additional hardware, and its direct integration delivers unparalleled capabilities.

Policy-Based Data Protection

Implement data masking in SAP using a single, one-to-many policy enhancement. Dynamically enforce data masking and data exfiltration rules based on context to protect data in high-risk access scenarios.

Preventive Business Process Controls

Enforce business rules with a technical control that can set limits at the field level, consider previous activity, and minimize reliance on manual compensating controls.

Risk-Aware Dynamic Authorizations

Align controls to real-world risk by extending authorization logic to include contextual attributes such as IP address, location, time of day, previous activity, and more.

Data-Centric Analytics & Continuous Monitoring

Combine granular insights with enriched processing to capture the information you want, when you want it – without the noise or manual effort.
Dynamic Access Control

Gain control of your
SAP environment

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